Can you help us raise our profile? 

Our wonderful chefs and front of house team, like Mel (pictured above), work very hard to give you and all our customers a lovely experience.  So, if you have a spare moment we’d be grateful if you could leave us an honest review on TripAdvisor. 

The more generally positive reviews businesses like ours receive, the higher up the rankings they go.  We are currently listed as the 34th best place to eat in the Helston area by TripAdvisor, despite our very high average score.  While we’ve got some great competition, we hope you agree our ranking doesn’t quite seem to reflect the quality of our offer.  Naturally, the higher up we go, the more visible we become, giving more people the chance to stumble upon us and hopefully enjoy what they find! 

In any case, feedback is always welcome, whether it’s on where we could do better or simply to tell us we’re doing something right (which is always nice to hear).