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Our response to the latest ‘rule of six’ pandemic restrictions

With the freshly announced Covid-19 pandemic-restrictions coming into effect on Monday 14th September, we want to reassure you that we will be maintaining our vigilance and high standards of hygiene.  We also want to outline our interpretation of the changes.

One.  We are not being asked to close, and look forward to welcoming you in.

Two.  You can visit us in groups of up to six people, whether seated indoors or out.  However, if you are a group consisting of only one household or support bubble, you can be more than six.

Three.  We can still have multiple groups visiting us, appropriately distanced.  Thus, we ask visitors who recognise friends or acquaintances in other groups to avoid ‘bursting each others’ bubbles’.

Four.  We will now be obliged to keep contact details from at least one member of every group who visit us.  If you are not willing to leave details, we can’t offer you a table.

Five.  We highly recommend booking ahead.  Not only are you are guaranteeing yourself a table, but you’re also helping us manage the space so that all our customers feel comfortable and safe during their visit.

That’s as simple as we can put it!

And thank you for your continued support.  We’ve really enjoyed having you back.

Dom Bailey (Chef / Manager) and all the CAST Café team



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