As we reach ‘Happy Monday’, and the Coronavirus-related restrictions begin to ease further, we feel it’s time for us to begin the process of planning our reopening – albeit with a pinch of salt, since we are aware government advice may change in the interim.

However, assuming all goes well, we are now looking at reopening at the beginning of August, and quite possibly Tuesday 4th August.  There is some building work taking place at CAST on the rear facade at the Café end of the building (as pictured above).  This had originally been scheduled for the Spring, but was naturally subject to delay.  So we’re going to wait for the work to be finished and the scaffolding to come down before we open to the public.

We will announce more details in a few weeks’ time, once we’ve had a chance to grapple with all the changes we may need to bring into play. But, fingers crossed, we look forward to welcoming you back to CAST Café very soon!

Meanwhile, do have a look at the recipe for a summer berry yoghurt cake, or go to the CAST Soundcloud page to listen to CAST Café chef Dom Bailey and CAST studio holder Ben Sanderson embark on a series of ‘Sound Walks’ around Helston and the surrounding area, if a little ‘slow sound’ tickles your fancy…